Accessing Termux from Putty (in details) OpenSSH

This article is an appendix to the story below. I added the points that I thought could add values to the original article.

All the credits goes to the original article:

  1. Installing open-ssh

2. Start Open-ssh

3. Create Public and Private Keys. Leave the settings as default.

4. Copy the Public Key to your own

5. Enable folder access for Termux

6. Copy the private key to the Download folder and copy it to your laptop.

7. Copy the files to your computer. (I used AirDroid)

8. Open puttygen.exe from Putty folder. We need to create a key that Putty can use.

8.1. {Menu} => Converstions->Import Key

8.2 Select “id_rsa” from your computer.

8.3 Click on “Save private key”. Give it a name like “id_rsa_putty.ppk”

9. Open putty.exe and go to Connection>SSH>Auth

10. Browse for your private key (id_rsa_putty.ppk) and click open.

11. Put the IP address of the mobile device and use 8022 as port number. (You need to replace the IP with yours)